Personal Training

One to one sessions provided as part of a programme. We will work together to identify your goals and barriers and create a training plan that will help you be the healthiest you’ve ever been.

Running Programmes

It can be daunting to start a new running habit, especially when you just seem to be out of breath. I create tailored running programmes so you know exactly what to do, when and how. Avoid injuries and feeling like you’re not going anywhere.

Nutrition Advice

With so many different diets available out there it’s very easy to be confused or to hop from diet to diet. Avoid the yo-yo effect by asking me about nutrition so we can come up together with a healthy and sustainable way of eating for you.

Fitness Classes

Why not attend one of my fitness classes and enjoy the atmosphere of working out with a group of likeminded people?

So what’s personal training?

Personal training is not just telling you to do push-ups while I shout at you and blow a whistle. Personal training is working with you to discover what motivates you, which exercises you love and which ones you hate (burpees, I know). Together we will identify the areas you need to improve, and in which areas you already rock! We will have a look at your current habits (no judgment) and see how we can fit exercise around your hectic schedule.

Recipe: Banana pancakes

Eating healthy when exercising is important, but it’s also very important not to deprive ourselves of the foods we enjoy. If we’re craving something because we can’t have it, chances are at some point, when our willpower is depleted, we will give in and not only eat the food, but also probably overeat it, to […]

Beach goggles on sand

The path to a beach body

Now that summer is in full swing, everybody is rushing to get a beach body, and let’s be honest, with our holiday coming up in the next week or so, we need a hot body, and we need it now! The internet is full of quick diets that will get you the weight loss that […]

Female runner background lit

Training in hot weather

Summer is here and we feel more energised and motivated to work out, but as soon as we set foot outside we feel the heat, like a slap on the face. Unless you’re from a warmer country living in London, the heat is probably getting to you, and you’re probably wondering how you can train […]

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Are you ready to take the next steps towards a great health and fitness?

How does it work?

We will talk about what's important to make your journey a success:

  • Motivation
  • Goals
  • Schedule
  • Fitness level, injuries and health
  • Nutrition habits
  • Your favourite hobbies

What do you need to get fitter and healthier?

Good exercise
Good nutrition
The right mindset

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