Personal Training

One to one sessions provided as part of a programme. We will work together to identify your goals and barriers and create a training plan that will help you be the healthiest you’ve ever been.

Running Programmes

It can be daunting to start a new running habit, especially when you just seem to be out of breath. I create tailored running programmes so you know exactly what to do, when and how. Avoid injuries and feeling like you’re not going anywhere.

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Personal training is not just telling you to do push-ups while I shout at you and blow a whistle. Personal training is working with you to discover what motivates you, which exercises you love and which ones you hate (burpees, I know). Together we will identify the areas you need to improve, and in which areas you already rock!
We will have a look at your current habits (no judgment) and see how we can fit exercise around your hectic schedule.

Are you ready to take the next steps towards a great health and fitness?

How does it work?

We will talk about what’s important to make your journey a success:

  • Motivation
  • Goals
  • Schedule
  • Fitness level, injuries and health
  • Nutrition habits
  • Your favourite hobbies

What do you need to get fitter and healthier?

Good exercise
Good nutrition
The right mindset

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