Marta Clean and PressHi there! My name is Marta and I’m The Fitness Weirdo.

I didn’t like physical exercise for a long time. I hated PE in school and that left a mark on me that took me years to erase. It’s only when I met a great running coach and a great personal trainer that I felt working out didn’t have to be a torture (even if bootcamps are a torture most of the time!).

I became interested in fitness and nutrition when I realised working out made me happy and made me feel better. I’ve tried many different things: running, gym, boxercise, parkour, bootcamps, zumba… And what I’ve learnt is that people like different things and one size doesn’t fit all.

My promise to you: I’ll listen to your goals and worries, and I’ll work with you to get where you want to be safely, having fun in the meantime.

If you’re not sure where to start, or you think you need a boost of confidence before stepping on the free weights zone at your local gym, get in touch.

Currently I can only do face to face sessions in South East London, but I’ll be happy to work with you online if you are based somewhere else! Get in touch for the next steps.

I hope to hear from you soon!

The Fitness Weirdo

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