Recipe: Banana pancakes

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Eating healthy when exercising is important, but it’s also very important not to deprive ourselves of the foods we enjoy. If we’re craving something because we can’t have it, chances are at some point, when our willpower is depleted, we will give in and not only eat the food, but also probably overeat it, to […]

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Training in hot weather

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Summer is here and we feel more energised and motivated to work out, but as soon as we set foot outside we feel the heat, like a slap on the face. Unless you’re from a warmer country living in London, the heat is probably getting to you, and you’re probably wondering how you can train […]

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Why I used to hate exercise…

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Whenever anyone asks me about why I became a personal trainer and just assumes I’ve always been into sports and fitness, I always respond with I used to hate exercise, and people get surprised. It’s true, though, growing up I hated P.E. although I had never really thought about why until recently. This last week […]